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4 Things to Add to Your Back to School Checklist

The longer you stay in school the easier it is when it comes to school supplies, especially with most things being online these days. However, there are still some unexpected school supplies you may want to pick up.

4 Unexpected School Supplies

  • Whiteboard or Wall Calender – If you have trouble staying organized you may need to pick up a whiteboard or wall calendar. You can then write down everything you need to keep track of on a weekly and monthly basis.  No more missed deadlines.
  • Food Containers – Long days of study often mean you don’t make it to your usual lunch spot or back to your apartment. Picking up an assortment of cheap plastic containers can help you remember to carry food with you on a regular basis so you never have to get hungry.
  • Noise Cancelling Headphones – Studying in public places or with inconsiderate roommates can make things hard. Having a pair of noise canceling headphones at your disposal can help keep distractions to a minimum.
  • Rubix Cube or Stress Ball – Sometimes you just need to stop and take a break, a Rubix cube or stress ball can be a short distraction that may help clear your brain for a bit. If it is not one of these two items think of something like putty or magnets you like to fiddle with then purchase some and sit them on your desk.

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