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5 Best Halloween Costumes for your Pet

There is nothing more fun than seeing a cute dog or cat all dressed up for Halloween. These costumes are easy to buy or make and will leave everyone thinking how adorable your pet is this Halloween.

5 Perfect Pet Halloween Costumes

  1. Team Mascot – This one is easy and great for bigger dogs. Buy a t-shirt from your favorite team store and have your dog wear it for Halloween. You can buy some ribbons in team colors and tie them around your dogs neck for some extra team support.
  2. Pumpkin – Perfect for smaller dogs some orange and green felt is all you need. If you are not creative and don’t feel like making your own costume, there are a range of pumpkin pet costumes available online.
  3. Raptor – Why not have your dog dress up in their favorite dinosaur costume. This raptor costume is so cute and will have everyone stopping to look as a little raptor takes off down the street.
  4. Lions Mane – Whether you are looking to dress up your cat or your dog, this lions mane is easy to get on and off and will instantly turn your pet into a menacing feline.
  5. Cowboy – This funny costume features a soft cowboy that rides on your dogs back, instantly turning your dog into a horse that is ready to take on the world. The costume easily wraps around your dogs tummy making it easy to put on and take off.

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