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4 Tips to Create a Perfect Resume

If you are looking for a job to help you pay your way through college, there are many jobs out there that are student friendly. The first step you need to take is to create a great resume.

Here are 4 tips that can help you get your foot in the door with your resume.

4 Tips to Create a Perfect Student Resume

  • Add a Summary – The summary is your elevator pitch, this is your chance to talk yourself up. keep it to 2-3 sentences but don’t be shy!
  • Beef up Your Academics Section – Since it is likely you don’t have a whole lot of work experience yet, beefing up your academic section can help. Add your high school, date of graduation, grade point average, and major test scores.
  • Community Involvement/Volunteer Work – This is a great space to talk yourself up. Think of any activity or volunteer work you have been involved in past and present. List off all the duties or responsibilities you have had during these volunteer activities. You can also add in school groups you are involved in.
  • Editing & Spell Check – Have at least one other set of eyes look over your resume. Sometimes when it is your own work you can miss small mistakes. Have a resume that is free of spelling and grammatical┬ámistakes can be a big draw to those looking.

When possible, hand deliver your resume. Though this idea sounds old fashioned it could make all the difference in grabbing the job!

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